Friday, May 14, 2021

Exploring Ephesians

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is a sublime piece of
Christian literature. The apostle writes with a sense of wonder at the enormity
of power and grace of God. He piles adjectives on top of one another (1:19;
3:18) and builds up monuments of nouns (1:21; 4:31). At times, lost for words,
He repeats himself  (‘the grace with
which he has graced us’, 1:6).  At the
same time, he expresses the most practical injunctions (‘tell the truth’,

This is a book that will lift you to the heavens but also
bring you right back down to earth. These Bible Studies are designed for you to
use in your own personal devotions or in your home group. The questions oblige
you to engage closely with the actual text of Scripture while also encouraging
you to apply the Word to your own life.

I hope you have a greater love both for God
and his Word as you work through this remarkable book.

  1. Eph1.1-3 Saints or sinners (.pdf)
  2. Eph1.3-6 Chosen in Christ (.pdf)
  3. Eph 1.7-10Redeemed (.pdf)
  4. Eph 1.11-14Sealed (.pdf)
  5. Eph 1.15-23Eyes (.pdf)
  6. Eph 2.1-7Seated (.pdf)
  7. Eph 2.8-10Work (.pdf)
  8. Eph 2.11-18Near (.pdf)
  9. Eph 2.17-21Temple (.pdf)
  10. Eph 3.1-13Mystery (.pdf)
  11. Eph3.14-19 Fullness (.pdf)
  12. Eph3.20-21 Far above (.pdf)
  13. Eph 4.1-6Unity (.pdf)
  14. Eph 4.7-16Ministry (.pdf)
  15. Eph 4.9-10Word (.pdf)
  16. Eph4.17-24 New Life (.pdf)
  17. Eph4.25-29 Saying Grace (.pdf)
  18. Eph 4.30-32Grieve (.pdf)
  19. Eph5.1-14 Walk in light (.pdf)
  20. Eph5.15-20 Be filled (.pdf)
  21. Eph5.21-24 Submission (.pdf)
  22. Eph5.25-33 Submissive love (.pdf)
  23. Eph 6.10-13Armour (.pdf)
  24. Eph 6.21-22Model (.pdf)

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