Saturday, November 28, 2020

Minor Prophets With a Major Message

  • HOSEA took a faithless wife And spoke of judgement, love and life. Hosea(.pdf)
  • JOEL told of locust plagues The Spirit and the end of the age. Joel(.pdf)
  • AMOS left his flocks and trees To call the nation to its knees. Amos(.pdf)
  • OBADIAH prophesied of Edom and its foolish pride. Obadiah(.pdf)
  • JONAH tried to run away, but lived to preach another day. Jonah(.pdf)
  • MICAH spoke of God’s great plan to change the world by changing man. Micah(.pdf)
  • NAHUM showed that God is great And prophesied Assyria’s fate. Nahum(.pdf)
  • HABAKKUK thought the Lord unfair But found the truth through faith and prayer. Habbakuk(.pdf)
  • ZEPHANIAH made it clear The great day of the Lord was near. Zephaniah(.pdf)
  • HAGGAI saw the people’s need To put God’s house before their greed. Haggai(.pdf)
  • ZECHARIAH saw the Lord In visions, dreams and spoken word. Zechariah(.pdf)
  • MALACHI called the people back To set them once again on track. Malachi(.pdf)

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  1. Paul Morgan says:

    Hi Barry.
    This year the small groups in our church have enjoyed discussing our way through “When we step out – God steps in”, and the “Power Parables”. Thank you for making these available. I’ve scoured the internet and regret that I’ve not been able to find much downloadable material that’s good and ready for small group discussion.
    I’m emailing some feedback to let you know that I just tried to check out your studies on the Minor Prophets, to see if we might use them. But when I click on the pdf link nothing happens. A download box appears but no actual download. I’ll try another day and see if it works.
    As an aside, would you please have any knowledge of websites offering good downloadable small group studies, that have good content but are concise and maybe provide discussion questions?
    Thanks for being an inspiration.
    Paul Morgan.
    Waurn Ponds Community Church. Geelong.

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