Sunday, January 23, 2022

When We Step Out In Faith, God Steps In With Power!

Everything worthwhile requires a step of faith.

When toddlers are first learning to walk, they tumble and
fall over and over again. If they just stayed crawling around on the floor,
they would be much safer. They would be safer still if they just remained in
their cots. But imagine how worried a young mother would be if her child did
this. She would be seeking all kind of professional advice to see why her child
was not trying to move around.

She wants her child to tumble and feel pain. She wants to
wipe the tears from his little face and take him in her arms and hold him
close. Because she also wants him to know how to walk and run and jump and grow
and be a man!

We don’t grow in our knowledge of God by sitting around
doing nothing. It’s when we step out in faith that God steps in with power. These
studies will encourage you and inspire you and your group to step out in faith
in a wonder-working God.

  1. Jonathan
  2. Lepers (.pdf)
  3. Moses (.pdf)
  4. Peter (.pdf)
  5. Breaking of Bread (.pdf)
  6. Prison (.pdf)
  7. Elijah (.pdf)
  8. Jeremiah (.pdf)
  9. Marching in the Tree Tops (.pdf)

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  1. Paul Morgan says:

    Dear Barry, I just wanted to thank you for your teaching ministry and your Christian disposition. You are an inspiration. In the first term of 2016 our small groups at Belmont, Bannockburn and Bendigo have enjoyed discussing their way through your series ‘When we step out in faith, God steps in with power’. I had to take the liberty of some minor editing to make each study fit onto one double-sided A4 page, for ease of use by leaders. I placed an acknowledgement of your authorship in the footer on each page. I also made the material available to a small group leader of a Chinese church here in Geelong, and led them through the ‘Jonathan’ outline, so they may well be further following your material. So you are sowing many fruitful seeds. Incidentally I have just been viewing your 6-part series ‘Parables of power’, and may utilise that for Term 2. So I and our church are indebted to you, and want to encourage you. You are a blessing to us.
    Paul Morgan. Associate Pastor.
    Waurn Ponds Community Church.

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