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Empowered By The Spirit

empowered by the spiritNowadays, ‘charismatic‘ can mean almost anything. The author offers a clear biblically-based statement of what it means to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

This volume:

  • Explains the Scriptures
  • Answers common questions
  • Refutes objections
  • Offers practical guidance
  • Relates exciting testimonies
  • Inspires faith for spiritual


The author places the awesome Pentecostal experience of baptism in the Spirit in its rightful context – namely effective witness of the message of the Cross.
Pastor Bill Vasilakis, Australian National Chairman, CRC Churches Int

This book thinks outside the square in a helpful way. It is thorough and not driven by theological predispositions. It took meplaces I hadn’t been before, sometimes unwillingly. Although I have a few different ideas, I like it!
Dr Ian Jagelman, Director of the Jagelman Institute

We highly recommend Dr Barry Chant’s latest book Empowered by the Spirit. It is balanced. It is broad. It is revelatory. It is essential reading for standing on the Word and walking in the Spirit. It’s brilliant.
Pastors Adrian and Kathy Gray, Mount Annan Church, Sydney, Australia

An excellent textbook on this important subject. It’stheological yet practical approach will be of great benefit to all believers. I heartily commend it.
Pastor Mark Conner, Senior Minister, CityLife Church,Melbourne, Aust.

The quality of writing is sustained at a high level throughout… The diagrams and charts add a useful visual dimension, and the stories add a lively personal touch.
Dr Ken Chant, Australasian President and Founder, Vision Christian University.

This is the summation of the very significant life of its prolific author. This is distilled, quintessential Barry Chant. Students, teachers, scholars, historians, preachers and pastors (all of which Dr Chant has been) will find seams of gold as they mine through this book.
Dr Stuart Robinson, Senior Minister, Crossway Baptist Church, Melbourne, Victoria.

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