Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Heart Of Fire (Out Of Print)

Heart of FireA unique and widely esteemed volume. The first documented account of the fascinating story of the Australian Pentecostal movement. An Australian Christian classic.

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The author says: Over thirty years ago, I was concerned that no one had put together a history of the Australian Pentecostal movement, so I decided to do it myself. This book is the result. The emergence of Pentecostalism was one of the most exciting Christian developments of the twentieth century. Although there are now other books about Australian Pentecostalism, Heart of Fire is still the only comprehensive history. Unfortunately, it is now out of print, but copies may still be found if you look for them. Or you can check my Ph D thesis entitled Spirit of Pentecost on my website. I’m probably biased, but I personally believe Heart of Fire should be required reading for any study of revival movements or Australian Christianity.

What Others Say
A unique record in which the author has set down in accurate detail the history of the Pentecostal movement.
Dr Andrew Evans,
Past General Superintendent,
Assemblies of God in Australia

Brings together the fascinating story of the development of the Pentecost-al witness in this land. A comprehensive tribute to our Pentecostal pioneers.
Pastor Norman L. Armstrong,
Senior Minister,
Revival Life Centre, Sydney, NSW.

Interesting, informative, enlightening, exciting…To capture accurately all aspects of any history is an impossible task…The author has done remarkably well.
Pastor John Hewitt,
Past President,
Apostolic Church, Australia.

Barry Chant

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  1. Mark Walker says:

    Hi Barry,

    Any possibility of you publishing Heart of Fire on Kindle, or in any other form? I’d love to use it, especially the CRC chapter, with students in the CRC college next year.

    Mark Walker

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