Living in the Image of God

What does it mean to be created in God’s image?
Dr Chant uncovers five transformational qualities—Christian identity, godly self-mastery, biblical creativity, Christ-like community and holistic spirituality. In practice, these pretty well summarise the whole Christian life. Get these right and the rest will find its place.

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In his usual pragmatic, readable style, Chant presents a biblical, practical, no-nonsense picture of life as God intended it to be. He
covers a vast range of subjects—knowing who you are, positive living, dealing with stress and worry, using the imagination in a creative way, the power of faith, getting on with other people, understanding and enjoying your sexuality, praying effectively, being filled with the Spirit and many others.

Here is a well-rounded, gripping and challenging volume that will inspire you to greater levels of satisfaction and accomplishment. And this
is not just theory—there are also practical tools for applying biblical truth to your life.

This is a book for everyone. It is written for the general reader but also includes study sections for those who want to explore biblical
and theological depths further.

It is a kind of blueprint for life—a handbook for just doing what the Bible teaches, day in and day out. It’s inspirational, it’s
encouraging, it’s biblical, it’s practical. It embraces all the essentials. Onereading won’t be enough. You’ll come back to it again and again.

The author says: When it came time to reprint Creative Living, I intended to do just that — reprint it as it was. My wife Vanessa said, ‘No. It needs updating. You need to revise it.’ When I looked at it closely, I realised she was right. Then I talked with David McGregor, seinior lecturer in theology at Tabor Adelaide, and gained some further insights on the topic. I also faced the challenge of presenting the book in such a way that it would appeal both to the general reader and to College students. Hence, the addition of the ‘Probe’ sections. But the biggest change was the development of the theme of living in God’s image. This has reshaped the whole book into what I hope is a more exciting and profound volume.

What others say:

Dr Barry Chant encapsulates the heart of what it means to be a new creation in Christ. As he points out, faith is not just a theory. It risks with uncertainty—gives unreservedly—trusts unswervingly—ignores impossibility! I hope that this book will serve to inspire and empower you to better impact your circle of family, friends and greater world in Jesus’ name (Pastor Brian Houston, Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church, Sydney).

In this exciting book, Barry Chant shows how it is possible to fulfil our possibilities in God. He begins with the fundamental — and to many people revolutionary — concept that the Christian life is not trying to become what we are not but rather, it is becoming what we already are!
This is the sort of book you should read more than once. It will help you to face life every day
with a positive ‘I can!’ (
Dr Robert Schuller, Founder, Crystal Cathedral, Los Angeles).

In his own special way, Barry Chant grapples with the issues of Christian life in a practical kind of ‘hands-on’ manner. It is right in line with what I like to see—that is, applied Christianity (Rev Bob Mumford, Lifechangers, Cookeville, TN).

A wonderfully insightful guide for human flourishing, packed full of biblical resources, practical suggestions and probing questions (Pastor David McGregor, Senior Lecturer in Theology, Tabor College, Adelaide).

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