Moments and Memories

Don’t like poetry? Find it boring? Don’t understand it? Think again. Moments and Memories is a beautifully presented volume that could change your mind forever. It is an ideal gift book for special occasions. It is a unique collection of verse by Australian author Dr Barry Chant. In fact, it may be the first professionally produced anthology of verse ever published by an Australian Pentecostal writer.

Moments and Memories includes poems on a range of subjects such as the Bible, nature, worship, ministry, times of disappointment and discouragement, and special seasons such as Christmas and Easter. Of particular interest is a section of imagined reminiscences by biblical characters from both Old and New Testaments. This hard-cover volume has an appealing ‘feel’ about it, with a pleasing décor and layout.

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Dr Chant is widely known as a historian, children’s author and Bible teacher. Moments and Memories presents a further welcome dimension to his varied writings.  162 pages. Hard cover. ISBN 978 0 949 330 40 6.

The author says: I had no intention of writing a book when I composed some of the early poems in this volume—in fact, that applies to nearly all of them. I just felt impelled to set down my thoughts and feelings in verse. Some were written for special events such as Christmas. More recently I designed some for preaching illustrations. It was only in my 81st year that the thought of publishing them occurred to me. As I prayed about it, I was convinced to do so by the quiet yet insistent voice of the Holy Spirit.

Because they were written for various occasions and over a long period of time, the subject matter is richly varied. There are rhymes for singing and rejoicing and even for sorrowing; there are lines to inspire you, couplets to encourage you and imagery to move you to spring up and take notice or just to sit back and reflect. Sometimes you will find yourself chuckling; at others you may be wiping tears from your eyes.

There are also thought-provoking ventures into the memories and reminiscences of Bible characters. What was it like to be a father at the time of sacrifice? How did Tamar feel after being raped? What did the disciples of Jesus think about as they faced martyrdom? What was it like to become a king at the age of eight?

This volume is for those moments when you just want to be diverted for a while into the vast, boundless, wonderful realm of the imagination, the window of the heart and the soul. I hope this will be your experience.

Here are my favourite two lines, the best I have ever written, I think. They form the conclusion to ‘A Father Remembers.’

‘Love is not love that pays no price;
The heart of love is sacrifice.’

What readers say:

  • A book of thoughtful, creative, refreshing inspiration.
  • I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished the whole book.
  • Absolutely lovely.
  • Very encouraging.
  • Uplifting words of wisdom.
  • Verses that invite us into the characteristic topsy-turvy world of the gospel.
  • The author marries seemingly conflicting opposites together to shock us to a new awareness.
  • Disturbingly apt imagery.
  • Touches the heart with more than sentimentality.
  • Magnificently produced.
  • I love the phrase ‘the toothpaste tube of life’. Where have the years gone?
  • Describes my experience too.
  • Such a blessing.
  • Great to read after a stressful week; it transported me to a place where I can focus on the Lord.
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