Personal Practical Prayer Diary

My Personal Practical Prayer Diary is a simple proven prayer program that might just be what you are looking for: a practical guide to maximising the effectiveness of your prayer. It includes timely and practical suggestions for enhancing your devotional life. Because the price is so low, there is a minimum of five copies for mail orders.

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What’s in it?

My Personal Practical Prayer Diary includes the following–

  • 162 colour pages.
  • Wiro-bound format designed to lie flat for easy journaling and note-taking.
  • Biblical answers to the question ‘Why do we need to pray for others?’
  • A concise Bible study on prayer.
  • Daily exhortations to pray from saints through the ages.
  • A 28-page daily prayer planner with suggested categories of people for whom we should pray and space to include their individual names
  • A section where you can record answers to prayer and guidance received through prayer
  • Eight pages of spiritual exercises to help you structure your devotional times effectively (P-R-A-Y).
  • Foolproof helpful hints on how to memorise Scripture.
  • 52 Bible memory verses, one for each week.
  • An easy-to-follow Scripture reading program that covers every chapter of the Bible.
  • Guidelines for probing and understanding the plain meaning of Scripture.
  • An annual prayer planner for recording special events and anniversaries.

The author says:

My Personal Practical Prayer Diary grew out of my own personal need to structure my prayer life more effectively. I used a simple version of it for many years. When I was pastoring a large city church we wanted a tool that would help our congregation to pray better. So I suggested we publish a more comprehensive version of my own prayer guide. We called it My Personal Practical Prayer Diary and gave 1000 free copies to our members. The idea was not to urge them to pray—most people know they should pray more—it was to give them practical tools for prayer.

Llocal churches both in Australia and overseas have picked up the program and are very excited about it. Thousands of copies have now been distributed. There is no doubt that people are praying more effectively as a result and that the churches benefit significantly.

The My Personal Practical Prayer Diary program works best the whole church takes it up together at the same time.

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