The Doom Of Drakon

doom-of-drakonThe story of the Kosmon sweeps over generations, embracing the hopes and fears of humankind. One day the scion of Kala will come and then Drakon will be destroyed. This is the first in a series of the Kosmon Report, a science fiction series for children.

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The author says: I had to give a Christmas talk at a Rotary club and decided to try to disguise it a bit. So I made up a story. This story began to grow in my mind and soon a book was born- and then two books. I had a lot of fun writing these stories and enjoyed the action myself. It was interesting wondering what would happen next or how I would re-tell an ancient story in a contemporary way. My hope is that kids who read these stories will also learn something about God and his plan for mankind, even though he is never mentioned by name-

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