Friday, May 27, 2022

The Scion Factor

the scion factorThe Kosmon is adrift in space. Its commander was to guide the giant star globe to a secret destination known only to its mysterious Owner. Now young Bram Terahson becomes a warrior leader against those who would seek to destroy the Kosmon and he faces the greatest test of all.

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The author says: I enjoyed writing this one. The publisher thought it was OK, too, until he got to the last chapter. It needs re-doing, he said. When I thought about it, I agreed and re-wrote it. The new version was much better. Then when they actually published the book, they forgot to include it! So if you would like a copy of the revised last chapter, you can download it here. This volume was originally supposed to be the second in a series of twelve. But then the publisher stopped publishing children’s books and I got too busy to write any more anyway. I wonder what would have happened on the Kosmon if I had continued? Maybe one day I’ll find out.

Barry Chant

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