Spindles and the Dingoes

After twenty years, a new Spindles story!

One of the best yet. And it’s free.

Great reading for Mum, Dad and the kids.

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The Spindles Fun Book (FREE Download)

New! The Spindles Fun Book! Give the kids entertaining fun activities while they read the stories. And it’s completely free. Just download it.
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The Spindles Series

the spindle adventuresHere are seven collections of children’s stories – 36 in all – set in the Australian Outback and including a clear biblical message every time. With over 100,000 of these in print, it is obvious that these are firm favourites with children. Spindles and his sister Freckles experience exciting adventures with their many animal friends and through them all, wise old Redgum guides them with his sage advice. And these are the kind of adventures that could happen to almost any child. Children can easily identify with them. Designed mainly for children of eight years old and over to read for themselves, these stories will also delight younger children who listen to them.

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The author says: At Christmas time in 1973, I searched in desperation for a story to tell at a Sunday School Christmas party. I had already used the ones I had. So as a last resort I decided to write my own. I borrowed ideas from Paul White (the ‘Jungle Doctor’), C.S.Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkien and a few other writers whose names I have forgotten, threw in a few ideas of my own and sketched out a skimpy outline. To my surprise the children liked it. So I wrote another one for Christmas Day. And then another. And soon there was a book. The stories took on an identity of their own and today they have been widely published, translated into other languages, and read by tens of thousands of children. They have been turned into puppet plays, musicals and radio broadcasts. I like to think that the Lord who loved to tell stories himself might actually be rather pleased about all this. Almost every week I run into adults who tell me they read Spindles when they were young. Once when a mother was reading one of the stories to her little son, he began to cry. ‘I didn’t realise Jesus loved me so much,’ he said. Just that makes it all worth while.

NEW! The Spindles Fun Book! Give the kids entertaining fun activities while they read the stories. And it’s completely free. Just download it here.

The Scion Factor

the scion factorThe Kosmon is adrift in space. Its commander was to guide the giant star globe to a secret destination known only to its mysterious Owner. Now young Bram Terahson becomes a warrior leader against those who would seek to destroy the Kosmon and he faces the greatest test of all.

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The author says: I enjoyed writing this one. The publisher thought it was OK, too, until he got to the last chapter. It needs re-doing, he said. When I thought about it, I agreed and re-wrote it. The new version was much better. Then when they actually published the book, they forgot to include it! So if you would like a copy of the revised last chapter, you can download it here. This volume was originally supposed to be the second in a series of twelve. But then the publisher stopped publishing children’s books and I got too busy to write any more anyway. I wonder what would have happened on the Kosmon if I had continued? Maybe one day I’ll find out.

The Doom Of Drakon

doom-of-drakonThe story of the Kosmon sweeps over generations, embracing the hopes and fears of humankind. One day the scion of Kala will come and then Drakon will be destroyed. This is the first in a series of the Kosmon Report, a science fiction series for children.

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The author says: I had to give a Christmas talk at a Rotary club and decided to try to disguise it a bit. So I made up a story. This story began to grow in my mind and soon a book was born- and then two books. I had a lot of fun writing these stories and enjoyed the action myself. It was interesting wondering what would happen next or how I would re-tell an ancient story in a contemporary way. My hope is that kids who read these stories will also learn something about God and his plan for mankind, even though he is never mentioned by name-