Friday, May 27, 2022

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Snug as a Rug in a Bug

Terms of Use You are welcome to download this story for personal enjoyment. For distribution as handouts to classes or other groups, please include the acknowledgement at the end of the story. Barry Chant Snug as a rug in a bug It had been a bitterly cold night. I was weary and stiff. I wiped…


After twenty years, a new Spindles story! One of the best yet. And it’s free. Great reading for Mum, Dad and the kids.  

Step Out – Jonathan

1 God loves impossible situations Israel was in a desperate situation. The Philistines were terrorising the land. • Overwhelming numbers (13:2,5; 14:2) – originally ten to one, and later nearly 20 to one. • Frequent raids (13:17ff) • No iron weapons (13:19ff). Only bows, arrows and slingshots. • Extortion (13:21) The result was that the…

Stories From My Life

State CRC RISK conference Christian Family Centre Murray Bridge South Australia 2014. ‘Stories from my life.’ Part 1 RISK CONFERENCE SESSION 2 Part 1 from CRC Churches International on Vimeo.   Part 2 RISK CONFERENCE SESSION 1Part 2 from CRC Churches International on Vimeo.     Original Source:


This book is exactly what it claims to be. In clear straight-down-the-line language the author faces difficult issues frankly, with plenty of touches of humour, lively anecdotes and real-life situations. It is just as relevant today as when it was first written. A great little book for teenagers.

Studies on Prayer

Four Realms of Faith<(.pdf)/li> Intercession by the Spirit(.pdf) The Prayer of Faith(.pdf) Praying for Others(.pdf) Pray with Purpose(.pdf) In Spirit and In Truth(.pdf) Why Pray?(.pdf)

Studies on Spiritual Gifts

Words of wisdom(.pdf) Words of knowledge(.pdf) Faith(.pdf) Healing(.pdf) Miracles(.pdf) Prophecy(.pdf) Discerning(.pdf) Glossolalia(.pdf) Interpretation(.pdf)

Taking up the Cross 21st Century Style

Large crowds were following Jesus. So He turned to His disciples and said, ‘Let us find an air-cooled auditorium where the people can sit down in comfort.’ And the disciples searched until they found a suitable venue. They hung large signs outside reading, ‘Salvation-Healing Crusade here this week. Hear Jesus of Nazareth. See signs, wonders…