The Book of Deuteronomy is popularly thought of as being tedious and uninspiring, but the opposite is true. It contains many challenging, encouraging and intriguing stories and discussions that are still relevant today. We are the poorer if we overlook or ignore it.

Dr Barry Chant presents it in a five part series.

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Nine Keys to Unlocking the Book of Revelation

For centuries, the Book of Revelation has intrigued, mystified, challenged, encouraged, angered and blessed its readers. It is a remarkable and awe-inspiring book. Although Dr Barry Chant presents an irenic approach to the subject, freely acknowledging alternative views, you may be astonished at how obvious are the simple yet profound keys he outlines. They are, in fact,  all derived from Revelation itself and present a refreshing 21st Century understanding that avoids wild and sensationalist ideas and at the same time offers revolutionary, thoughtful and exciting insights. Many hundreds of hours of work went into this production and it shows. People who have viewed the videos often comment on Dr Chant’s conversational yet captivating style. (‘It was like I was just sitting there in the room with him’.) The accompanying 50 pages of notes provide an additional invaluable resource. This series is ideal for both individual and group use.

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Why Doesn’t God Do Something? — Small Group Video Series

In this series-with-a-difference, Dr Barry Chant presents eight short videos covering some of the questions that people commonly ask about God and suffering. Each video is accompanied by the script for a short skit with which small groups can illustrate the message. This is an ideal teaching approach for both individual and group usage.

The topics covered are …

  1. Not So Simple After All
  2. The Ultimate Purpose
  3. Our Heavenly Hope
  4. Judgement Day
  5. Then I Understood
  6. The Freedom of Love
  7. Don’t Just Sit There: Do Something!
  8. God Has Already Demonstrated His Love.

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Why Doesn’t God Do Something? (with skits)

Why Doesn’t God Do Something? Half-hour video with skits.

Since the traumatic worldwide events of 2020, many people have asked, Why Doesn’t God Do Something? In this entertaining video, Barry and Vanessa Chant address this question in a series of humorous short skits. The video was made at short notice and has a freshness about it that adds to the authenticity of the message. This is a thought-provoking presentation that tackles serious questions in an encouraging and entertaining way.

Uniqueness of Christ

The Uniqueness of Christ
A dramatic and challenging half-month presentation on the centrality of the Saviour.

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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace. The song is widely known and sung all over the world. But what is grace and why is it so amazing? This series by Dr Barry Chant of eleven short videos with accompanying study notes will give you a refreshing understanding of the greatness of grace. Be prepared for some new angles on an old theme.


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See the Invisible: Do the Impossible

See the Invisible: Do the Impossible is the second in a series of short videos presenting faith-building teaching from Ephesians, by Dr Barry Chant. Study notes included. Ideal for either personal or group use. Ephesians 2:11-23—the passage from God’s Word expounded in these presentations is stimulating, challenging, exciting – even mind-blowing! It is one of the great biblical treatises. You will be deeply stirred as we go through it together.

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