Friday, May 14, 2021

Why Doesn’t God Do Something? (with Skits)

Why Doesn’t God Do Something? Half-hour video with skits.

Since the traumatic worldwide events of 2020, many people have asked, Why Doesn’t God Do Something? In this entertaining video, Barry and Vanessa Chant address this question in a series of humorous short skits. The video was made at short notice and has a freshness about it that adds to the authenticity of the message. This is a thought-provoking presentation that tackles serious questions in an encouraging and entertaining way.

Barry Chant

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Barry Chant is a regular speaker at church services, seminars, conferences and conventions. Hundreds of thousands of his books have been sold around the world. He has degrees in arts, theology and ministry, a diploma in education and a PhD in history. He was the co-founder and former president of Tabor College, Australia.

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