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What is the difference between animals and humans?  From a practical point of view, we can sum it up simply by saying that people are talkers and makers. We have an ability to communicate and create that animals do not have.

These unique abilities enable us to exercise mastery over creation and to reign in life. We are not victims of circumstance or slaves to our environment–we are creative beings whose responsibility it is to determine the directions of our lives under God.

It is this area of creativity that represents a major aspect of what it means to live in the image of God.

When you read the creation story, you can’t help but link the ideas of God creating the world and of mankind being made in God’s image. While there are many things implied about the character and person of God, one thing is clearly stated: God is Creator.

Then we are told, almost in the same breath, that humankind is made in God’s image. This can only mean that we, too, are made with creative skills.

Creativity is a key factor in living in the image of God. It is his will that we live creatively.

To read more on this topic see Living in the Image of God, Barry Chant (Miranda: Tabor, 2012 available in eBook and Paperback) from which this edited extract is taken.

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Barry Chant is a regular speaker at church services, seminars, conferences and conventions. Hundreds of thousands of his books have been sold around the world. He has degrees in arts, theology and ministry, a diploma in education and a PhD in history. He was the co-founder and former president of Tabor College, Australia.

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