Tuesday, October 27, 2020


It’s okay to be you.  Maybe you have heard this before. But it’s true. You are the only one of you there is. It is foolish to try to be someone else.

This is not to say we shouldn’t learn from others. Often we can take skills and talents we see in others and adapt them to ourselves. This is advisable.

Nevertheless, each of us has distinctive qualities no one else has, and we should develop them.

I remember hearing an interview with Judith Durham, former lead singer with the Australian singing group the Seekers. I was impressed with her response to the question, ‘To what do you attribute the success of the Seekers?’

Her answer was clear and direct. ‘To succeed in anything, you have to find one distinctive quality that no-one else has and major on that. This is what we did. We found a sound that was different from anyone else’s and developed it.’

The Christian life is not a competition with others, but to be everything we can for God–this means using every talent he has given.

Whatever skill or ability we have, we are obliged to use it, otherwise the world will be the poorer for its absence. No matter who we are, we have something significant to offer.

To read more on this topic see Living in the Image of God, Barry Chant (Miranda: Tabor, 2012 available in eBook and Paperback) from which this edited extract is taken.


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Barry Chant is a regular speaker at church services, seminars, conferences and conventions. Hundreds of thousands of his books have been sold around the world. He has degrees in arts, theology and ministry, a diploma in education and a PhD in history. He was the co-founder and former president of Tabor College, Australia.

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