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The terminology used in Ephesians 1:19 is interesting.

Put simply, the first word (‘incomparably’) has the idea of throwing beyond the limit, excelling or succeeding.

There are obvious English derivations from the next terms used–megethos (megaphone), dunamis (dynamic), energeia (energy), to name just a few. The next word (kratos) is the basis of English adjectives ending in ‘-cratic’ like democratic (people power) or autocratic (individual power).

So to bring all this into the 21st century, we could say that the power that is at work in the lives of believers today is hyperballistic, megathonic, dynamic, energizing and Christocratic!

Well, be that as it may, there is no doubt that extraordinary spiritual resources are available to the people of God today.

The more we think about this biblical treasury of blessings, the more astounding it becomes. Can Christ’s resurrection power really be available to us? More than that, can such power really be at work in us? This is what Paul is praying for!

To read more on this topic see Living in the Image of God, Barry Chant (Miranda: Tabor, 2012 available in eBook and Paperback) from which this edited extract is taken.

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